Bokwa® Fitness Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 - 1 hour in duration
This ultimate cardio fitness program that's been proven to burn up to 1300 calories per session! WLD Bokwa participants are seeing results within 2-3 weeks of starting Bokwa!!! Steps are easy to learn and you get fast results. No partner necessary. Classes in Rathnew, co. Wicklow
Bokwa® Tone & Core - 45 min in duration
A program developed by Bokwa to tone up the upper body, tums, bums and legs. Wrist weights are essentials and are available from WLD. A toning program that works but still has Bokwa's fun factor.
Bokwa® Step - 45 min in duration
By sliding an exercise step into our Bokwa classes, Bokwa Step has reduced the impact but kept the intensity of the program. The Bokwa signature moves are still there but there are new moves especially designed for the Bowka Step program too. Bokwa Step is taking Bokwa to the next level (only in Rathnew)
Bokwa® Punch and Strike - 45 min in duration
This is not a dance workout, it's a boxing workout. Super sweaty, effective and still have a big fun element to these fitness classes.

Thurs 8pm Bokwa Tone & Core Mon 8pm
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Adult Ballroom and Latin dancing - 1 hour in duration
Partner necessary. We will cover the more popular Ballroom and Latin dances including  Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, Irish Waltz, Cha cha, Samba, Jive, Rumba, Salsa. Dance the night away with your friend or other half. Enjoy the music, keep fit and learn something new. New dance every week. Classes will be held every Monday, for beginners 730-830pm, for improvers 830pm - 930pm at our brand new dance studio in Rathnew. New course starting 8th Jan 2018 Please click here to enrol.

Private lessons are also available for those who are preparing for a specially choreographed wedding first dance or any special occassion. Please email or call 086 326 2635 for more information.
Wicklow Latin Dance,, 086 326 2635
Wedding Dance Group classes - 1 hour in duration
The wedding season is coming up. Do you want to learn how to Waltz, Rock n' Roll and Jive and get ready for your or your friend's wedding? Do you want to dance the night away at the wedding without worrying about not knowing what you are doing? This is the course for you. We have selected a few dances that you would need at a wedding - Waltz, Irish Waltz, Rock n' Roll, Jive, rhythmic Foxtrot, Quickstep, Salsa / Mambo and put them all in this course. We will also show you how to walk on to the floor with confidence and present yourselves to your guest if you are the bride and groom to be. This is a much cheaper way of getting your feet ready for your wedding than taking private lessons. The Wedding Dance Course is 8 weeks long. €160 per couple (yes, you must bring a partner.) 5th couple free if booking as a group.Pease email or call 086 3262635 to enrol.

Private lessons are also available for those who are preparing for a spectacular wedding first dance or any special occassion. Please email or call 086 326 2635 for more information.
Adult Classes
Fitsteps® Fitness - 1 hour in duration
Fitness that's STRICTLY fun!! The latest fitness craze developed by STRICTLY COME DANCING stars. Fitsteps is a dance fitness rogram that burns calories and tones muscles. We are introducing this program straight from the UK so don't miss out on this lastest dance fitness craze!! No partner necessary. Classes in co. Wicklow. Class times: Tues 8pm
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Zumba® Fitness - 1 hour in duration
Need we say more? The king of dance fitness programs is now in WLD!! Who's better to show you how to get the most of your Zumba session but 2 Latin American Dance teachers - principals of WLD - Alex and Elaine. This Latin American inspired dance fitness program has millions of participants every week worldwide!! Come and find out what the fuss is about!! No talking just dancing. Let's ditch the workout and join the party!
Classes in Rathnew: Monday 10am, Friday 10am, Wed 815pm
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You have seen it on TV, were you intriged? Wonder what the class is like?
Wonder if you are fit enough for this? Here is your change to find out!
As usual we have especially imported this program into Ireland especially for customer in WLD Dance and Fitness.
Created by celebrity fitness indtructor - Shaun T;  INSANITY ® is the hardest workout ever put on DVD. The INSANITY live class uses Max Interval Training and revolutionises how traditional fitness classes are delivered. No euqipment is needed, INSANITY simply uses your own body weight to get you fitter and stronger. Classes are suitable for gents and ladies; beginners and atheletes alike.

INSANITY classes are available in WLD studios on Tues 7pm (50min)
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Stictly Come Dancing Package
Strictly Come Dancing fund raising events are great successful fund raisers if done correctly. We are expert in this field and can help you organise a susscessful fund raiser. You will receive advice on how to make the event successful & dance tuition (private and group). The package will be tailor made to your needs. All dance tuition to be help in WLD studios in Rathnew, Co.Wicklow. Pease email or call 086 3262635 to discuss your requirement.
As seen on TV: Low impact, but high intensity classes that is going to strengthen, tones and gives you cardio training. You will be leaner and more flexible.
We have been waiting for this program to be available to us and we are very excited to introduce this program to our studios
As usual we have especially imported this program into Ireland especially for customer in WLD Dance and Fitness

Class times
Mon 7pm (40min)

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Ballroom and Latin dancing, Fitness Classes, Wedding dance tuition
Pricing for fitness classes: €9 pay as you go, €65 for 10 classes,
€75 - 4 week unlimited fitness pass, €95 - 4 week unlimited slim & fitness pass
HIIT (high intensity inerval training) - 30min in duration
SHORT & EFFECTIVE. This is the most effective workout for fat burn and toning. Get it done and keep your fat burning whilst you get on with your busy life. Wed 735pm & Friday 715pm

Aerobics and Strength training - 45min in duration
Back to old school. Come and get fit and have a giggle with this aerobics class. Saturdays 930am