Ballroom and Latin Dancing is a very varied and fun way of getting young people active. Study done in the UK suggests that Ballroom and Latin dancing helps improve communication skills, coordination, concentration, behaviour and fitness levels. Even UK politician Ann Widdecombe encouraged children to take up ballroom and Latin dancing because of all these benefits that Ballroom and Latin dancing can bring.

In other European countries such as the Netherlands, Ballroom and Latin Dancing classes are also used as an alternative to teenage discos where teenagers can come togther, dance to music, learn something new and socialise in a controlled and safe enviorment.

In addition, Ballroom and Latin dancing is an activity that can get both male and female youngsters involved since most high level Ballroom and Latin dance couples consist of one male and one female dancer.

How can Wicklow Latin Dance bring Ballroom and Latin Dancing into your school?
1) Bringing in Ballroom and Latin Dancing as part of the curriculum into your primary school.
2) Bringing in Ballroom and Latin Dancing as part of your transition year programme in your secondary school.
3) Organising once off Ballroom and / or Latin Dance workshops for your school classes.
4) Providing Ballroom and Latin Dancercise classes in your secondary school. Our dancercise classes are fitness classes using Ballroom and Latin dance steps in one line formation . They are good introduction to proper Ballroom and Latin dance classes.

Wicklow Latin Dance was chosen in 2010/11 by East Glendalough School as the teachers of their Latin American Dancing course as part of their transition year programme. Students were put through a 8 week Latin American dancing course. By the end of the course, the best couples were chosen to perform at the East Glendalough School's open evening to show case their new skills. We have received great comments from the school.
'The open evening show went really well. The students were brilliant. Thanks again to you both for your enthusiasm and professionalism.' - organiser of the Transition year programme
'Thanks a million for such a great and inspirational course in our school.' - principal of East Glendalough School
Wicklow Latin Dance will be back in the East Glendalough School in 2012.

Wicklow Latin Dance was also chosen to provide a salsa workshop to St.Kilian's (Bray) students in 2010.

As the popularity of Ballroom and Latin Dancing in primary and secondary schools in the Wicklow area grows, we intend to form school teams and have interschool competitions. We do find that the competitions (or any form of performing opportunity) provide an aim for Ballroom & Latin dance students and help them focus and concentrate when learning to dance.

Click here to see a summary of the research study by University of Roehampton about Ballroom and Latin Dancing.

If you are interested in introducing Ballroom and Latin dancing to your students, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements on or on 086 326 2635

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